Some surprises in elastic snap-through

Dominic VELLA

University of Oxford

Elastic snap-through is familiar from everyday life; whether it’s the rapid inversion of an umbrella or the pop of a hair clip, we are familiar with the idea that some elastic objects have two equilibrium states and can be forced to ‘snap’ between them with a suitable load. These examples generally suggest that the motion occurs quickly, but trying to estimate this speed brings some surprises: if anything, the motion should happen *faster* than is typically observed. We show that this ’slow’ snap-through occurs even without any viscous dissipation and gives a new route to control the state and behaviour of an elastic system using the rate of loading.



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Auto-organisation en physique et en biologie, morphogenèse, ondes-particules, turbulence, physique non linéaire, Colloque International en mémoire d’Yves Couder à l'ENS et UPCité, 4 Juin 2024

Physics of Wave Turbulence and beyond: Celebrating the 60th birthday of Sergey Nazarenko., Les Houches, 2 Septembre 2024

19e Journées de l'Hydrodynamique, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, 26 Novembre 2024

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