Flows in soap films

Isabelle CANTAT

Université de Rennes

The thinning of the liquid films separating bubbles in a foam or in a bubbly liquid controls the coalescence process and the foam stability, and is highly relevant in many industrial processes. The spatiotemporal evolution of the film thickness is governed by nonlinear equations, whose solutions are still mostly unknown. In this talk we will discuss a few examples of flows in the plane of a horizontal foam film, driven by tiny capillary forces. These original flows will allow us to revisit the old problem of the `marginal regeneration', a peculiar instability occurring between a flat film and a meniscus, which controls the film drainage.



Instabilité non linéaire de Rayleigh-Taylor (plus de détails...)

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Auto-organisation en physique et en biologie, morphogenèse, ondes-particules, turbulence, physique non linéaire, Colloque International en mémoire d’Yves Couder à l'ENS et UPCité, 4 Juin 2024

1st European Fluid Dynamics Conference - EFDC 2024, Aachen, Germany, 16 Septembre 2024

19e Journées de l'Hydrodynamique, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, 26 Novembre 2024

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